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Wall Air Purifier

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This product has six layers purification function.

Primary-effect Filter

Nylon mesh material is used, which can filter dandruff, hair, dust, and other larger particulate matter.

Coconut Shell Active Carbon Filter

High-quality coconut shell active carbon material is used, which can effectively adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, dimethyl benzene, and TVOC in the air, and remove the odors of cigarettes and rubbish.

Nano-silver Antibacterial Filter

Non-woven fabrics sprayed with nano-silver are used, which utilizes the antibacterial characteristic of silver ions to effectively prevent bacteria from growing on the filter and completely eradicate secondary pollution.

UV- Photocatalyst Filter
Aluminum-based cellular board sprayed with TiO2 catalyst is used; under the irradiation of 254nm cold cathode UV lamp, it will generate a strong catalytic degradation function: effectively degrade poisonous and hazardous gases (formaldehyde, benzene, methylbenzene, dimethylbenzene, ammonia, TVOC, and other pollutants) in the air; kill Escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus and decompose or dispose of the toxins released by bacteria or fungi in a harmless manner; in addition, it also has the functions of deodorization (cigarette odor, toilet odor, rubbish odor, and animal odor, etc.), stain resistance and air purification.

Anion has good sterilization and dedusting functions and is also praised as a “vitamin in the air” by the medical field. This machine can produce more than 10,000,000 anions every second, which will build a waterfall-like or forest-like anion cluster, thus promoting metabolism and improving the immunity of people.

Ozone can also be translated to “fresh air’, Which inspires people’s spirits; it has a good disinfecting effect, can automatically decompose to oxygen, will not generate residual contamination, and has a rapid sterilization speed; it also has a powerful oxidative decomposition capacity, and can eliminate various odors in air and water rapidly and completely.

Product Display Screen Features
Power: Indication icon for Power On & Power Off (on for startup and off for shutdown).
HEPA+: Indication icon for filter function.
PCO-UV: Indication icon for photocatalyst module.
Ozone: Indication icon for ozone.
Ionizer: Indication icon for the anion.
Fan: Indication icon for fan level (totally of nine fan blades, three, six and nine blades mean low, medium, and high airspeeds respectively).
Timer: Time setting icon and the setting values are 30, 60, 90, 3h, 4h, 5h, 7h, 8h successively; 30/60/90 are in minutes, h refers to hour; then the setting values will be repeated.
Replace the Indication icon for filter replacement. When the icon is red, you need to replace the filter; after replacement, use the remote control to reset, and the icon will be off, and a new timing cycle starts.
Infrared Remote Control Indicator Light: it will be on when the remote control is used for operation and will be off when no operation is executed.
Infrared Remote-Control Receiver: it is used for receiving the remote control signal and cannot be covered to avoid affecting normal use.

Effective Area: 300 ft²
Warranty: 6 months
Brand Name: V.S.L.A.



SKU: aeeb4b96b0b1-1 Category:

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