General Questions

First, make sure your unit and all accessories are cleaned. Second, make sure ozone plate is properly installed. If that does not help, try new ozone plate. If no result, send your unit for repair of the ozone generator.

Our standard completion time for repairs is 3-6 business days.

Along with your air purifier you need to send us an invoice that you print when placing your order (If you don’t have a printer write requested information on a paper).

You may send us your air purifier for repairs only after placing your order. We will provide you with order # and our Los Angeles, California shipping address along with shipping recommendations at the end of your order placement. If you live in Los Angeles, California area and would like to drop your unit off after placing your order, you can certainly do so to save yourself on shipping costs. The unit still needs to be boxed up and the order number written on all sides of the box.

Locate a picture of your air purifier in our REPAIR SERVICES category and click on it to go to the next page where price and what this service includes are displayed. If you do not see the picture of an air purifier you need to repair, you may contact us for an estimate.

We accept Visa©™, Master Card©™, Discover®™, American Express©®™, at the time you submit your order.

Do not set your air purifier’s square footage settings to the actual square footage of your house. Lowering square footage setting will lower the amount of ozone produced.

We recommend to service your air purifier if there is a dramatic difference in performance. For your air purifier to perform best we suggest you clean it regularly.

Fresh Air Mini

  • Step 1: Turn off your Fresh Air Mini.
  • Step 2: Press the AWAY button once (the AWAY button still functions, despite the icon not being illuminated on the display).