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Fresh Air DuctwoRx

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Fresh Air DuctwoRx for Your HVAC

Fresh Air DuctwoRx is a source of super-oxide ions and safe oxidizers for your home, which uses your HVAC fan to cover the designated area. It can be used as a wonderful supplement to any other air purifiers for further improvement of the quality of air delivered through the HVAC system.

Brand Name: V.S.L.A.

Fresh Air DuctwoRx features:

  • Special high-intensity UVX lamp with the broad germicidal spectrum.
  • An individually developed matrix amplified with a patented multi-metallic coating.

Fresh Air DuctwoRx takes best of two worlds, making a good use of main UV properties and mixing them with the photo-catalytic processes of carefully selected noble metals to give you UV Cell. UV Cell is known for its germicidal and ionizing nature, and our innovative approach gives it a second breath. A combination of UV light and rare metals makes DuctwoRx extremely effective.

Advanced Air Purification System for Your Home
Fresh Air DuctwoRx improves the quality of any air purification systems, but for better results it should be used with Fresh Air Space unit to gain all the exceptional benefits of our technologies. After that just operate your HVAC system fan to distribute those benefits accordingly to your preferences. Halls, attics, storage rooms or any other spaces – even with another conditioning system installed you will immediately feel that air in has become fresher and cleaner.


Electrical: 110-220 VAC 50/60 Hz AC line operation | 15 watts
Mechanical: Distribution via air handler
Dimensions: 6″ x 6″ x 11.25″ | 15 cm x 15 cm x 28.5 cm
Weight: 3 pounds (1.2 kg.)
Coverage: up to 2000 ft² (186 m²)
Warranty: 1 year

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