Repair Services

We used to repair these before for a flat fee that ranged from $199.99 to $299.99 plus shipping. You also had to pack your old unit, pay to ship it to us, wait 3-5 weeks, and finally get your repaired old unit back with a limited 6-month warranty. Today, instead of repairing your old machine, we can offer you a brand new model in close price range as repair used to cost.


  • You don’t need to spend time and money shipping your old unit to us.
  • You don’t need to wait 3-5 weeks for us to repair it.
  • You get a brand new model for about the same price as repair used to cost.
  • And you get it with full warranty instead of limited as before.
  • You get to keep your old unit for spare parts and accessories.
  • Additionally, you can apply for the TRADE IN 

Please choose below the model that fits your needs best moreover we will ship to you immediately, brand new, and with a full factory warranty!