2 RCI CELL for Fresh Air with Ozone


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This high-quality RCI CELL is for: 

  • Fresh Air 2.0,
  • Fresh Air 2.1,
  • Fresh Air 2.2,
  • Fresh Air 3.0, 
  • Fresh Air 3.1,
  • FreshAir Surround,
  • FreshAir Everest 
  • GT3000 by Greentech Environmental
  • PureAir 3000 by Greentech Environmental

The RCI Cell should be replaced when UV Light Bulb is burned, or every two years whichever comes first. 

  • Germicidal effect kills all microbes and bacteria.
  • The oxidation process is ten times more intense due to Active V.S.L.A. RCI features.
  • V.S.L.A. RCI products (purifying plasma) continue to clean air in all spaces and are absolutely safe and odor-free.
  • Applied patented catalyst is self-repairing and does not require mechanical cleaning.
 V.S.L.A. RCI technology is able to eliminate up to 99,99 % of bacteria and fungi in its operating area within 24 hours. An experiment with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N8 showed that  V.S.L.A. RCI killed the virus completely after 12 hours.

Brand Name: V.S.L.A.

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