“I installed this filter at our church where we had tried so many different kinds of filters. The water was safe but had a terrible odor. After installing Living Water, we could actually drink the water. I was amazed,” says Roy Jeffries of Roxboro, North Carolina.

“The product works as advertised. We have always used in-house water purifiers, but this unit is much easier to operate and great for kids! I can’t think of a thing I would change”, says John Collins of West Columbia, South Carolina.

“This machine really works! It quickly eliminates indoor pollution from smoke to paint fumes (including enamel). It actually makes the air feel crisper and cleaner,” says Dean Livingston of Del Valle, Texas.

Walnut Tree Drycleaners Ltd.

RE: Fresh Air for Fire Restoration

To whom it may concern

CRDN Walnut Tree are part of the Certified Restoration Dry Cleaning Network (CRDN), based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

We work closely with National and Independent Contractors, Insurance Companies and Loss Adjusters on Insurance Claims which include items such as clothing, curtains, bedding, soft toys, shoes and handbags. Items contaminated by smoke, water, builders dust, oil etc can be restored, saving the Insurance Company up to 84% of the replacement cost.

A strategic part of the technology used to restore textiles is a product introduced to us by claire which uses “Fresh Air” as part of the process.

When we were initially given a unit to trial we really put it through its paces. We tried it with every type of fabric we could find—even really difficult things which you have no other means of treating—like pillows, heavy duffel coats and delicate costumes. We also tried it on as many different types of smoke damage as we could find. Whatever we tried, it didn’t let us down, furthermore, our girls were amazed at just how quickly Claire’s equipment eradicated the smoke from the textiles!

I’ve willingly recommended it to all the other members of CRDN and other related businesses, it simply is a great product!

Claire also tells me she will soon have a product which will enable us to wash clothing without detergent. I can’t wait to see that!!!

Thanks again

John Cushing 
Managing Director 
CRDN Walnut Tree

The GRATZ National Bank

RE: Testimonial for the EcoQuest Fresh Air Machine

Six months ago we purchased a Fresh Air Machine and have been extremely pleased with its performance. As a heavy smoker, I am always concerned with the air quality in our offices and this fresh air machine has had remarkable results. the air quality has been greatly enhanced and the “away” feature does a great job!

I would strongly recommend this machine to anyone interested in improving the air quality in their environment. Its performance has been excellent with little maintenance and its quiet operation.

Many thanks!

Theodore R Bonwit, Jr. 

Human Services Associates, Inc.

On behalf of Human Services Associates, Inc., we would like to thank Fresh Air Systems for the air machines. We were surprised and pleased after using your air machines.

Recently the CBC of Seminole had a complete new roof system installed and the smell during the process was horrible. Thanks to Bruce who recommended we use the machines from EcoQuest for removal and cleaning of the air in the building. We agreed and he promptly brought seven machines in immediately and placed throughout our facility which is 22,000 square feet. When I first saw the machines, I laughed to myself and thought how in the world these little machines could work in such a large space. The machines not only took out the foul order they cleaned the air too. The building smelled fresh and clean.

Thanks to Fresh Air Systems, the employees were able to remain in the building during this week during the installation of the new roof. Human Services Associates, Inc. will use the machines again in the future when any other projects arise.

Thanks again for the prompt courteous service you provided for CBC of Seminole.


Sherry Ciccone 
Facilities Manager

Jamestown Sports Complex

What a difference the Fresh Air by EcoQuest has made!

We have a lounge/bar that overlooks the playing field that used to get extremely smoky. Now, even on the busiest night it doesn’t get smoky. The bartenders, as well as the customers, leave without smelling. They love it!

The whole building smells better.

I recommend it to every tavern, restaurant, and office.

Thanks for such a great product.

Jeanne Herries 
Office Manager

Villa Ventura Hairstyles

Just wanted to let you know, I have a Beauty Salon in a Retirement Center. Of course we o lots of permanents and sculptured nails, both leave the shop stinky. You introduced me to Fresh Air. I had the unit for three days and when we returned to work it was unbelievable how clean the shop smelled! The clients love the way the shop smells and how fresh every thing is. We love our unit so much we got three more for our home. Thank you for introducing the Fresh Air to me!


Linda Vest, Owner


My father had left a skillet with sausage cooking on the stove and forgot about it. It burned and filled our outside kitchen with smoke and an aweful smell. The fresh air purifier removed the burnt odor and gave the room a fresh smell.

After 25 years of cooking in that outdoor kitchen, I was surprised how the fresh air purifier not only removed the burnt odor, it also removed the old stale odor in the room.


Shelley Delapasse

Brown Sugar Café

My husband and I have been in the Thai restaurant business for over 10 years. Because we’ve been in and out of Thai kitchens for so long, our noses have become a little desensitized, do to the many spices used in Thai cooking along with various other restaurant odors.

So, in September of 2005 we incorporated the Fresh Air stand-alone unit in our Cambridge restaurant. It made the air feel and smell fresh. However, Joseph felt we could do better. This restaurant has tall ceilings and several thousand square feet, so he recommended installing a DuctwoRx 14 inch commercial probe into the HVAC system.

The results were amazing. Within the first few hours, we began to notice a distinctive, natural odor throughout the restaurant. The Fresh Air unit was like being in 2nd or 3rd gear but adding the DuctwoRx was like putting it into overdrive. Most strikingly was down a small corridor that leads to the restrooms where the air was very dead and stagnant, it was transformed and the freshness permeated the entire area. We also notice that even though Thai cooking odors are continually being introduced, they now have the aroma of a freshly cooked meal. There are no lingering odors as in the past.

Given our positive experience in Cambridge, we soon integrated another DuctwoRx commercial probe and a Fresh Air into one of our restaurants in Boston. In addition, we only needed one Fresh Air in our 2nd restaurant in Boston becase it has much less square footage. Furthermore, we’ve had a DuctwoRx residential probe installed in our home along with the Fresh Air, a Spectrum for our sons room and a Living Water purifier, from EcoQuest.

Thanks to EcoQuest our family along with our many hundreds of loyal customers, all enjoy a healthier and safer environment. We can wholeheartedly recommend EcoQuest products to anyone who wishes to improve their indoor air and/or water quality, at work and at home!

With Gratitude,

Tu and Danee Pinyochon 
Owners & Operators

By LeeAnn Boyer

It is so wonderful to walk in the house and smell the fresh outdoors…our son recently came home from college for the weekend and asked “What’s that smell?…it’s weird!”…hahaha…so no more kitty smell…when I open the door the outside smells like the inside…I just can’t say enough how nice it is…and the price was sure right!