Refresh 2


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Brand Name: V.S.L.A.
Refresh your Refrigerator
Fresh Air Refresh 2 is a small unit for your refrigerator packed with Space Certified Technology to eliminate unpleasant odors and keep your food refreshed.

– Refrigerator
– Shoe cabinets
– Cupboards
– Bookshelves
– Cars

1.Freshens Air
2.Removes Odors (both organic and chemical)
3.Kills Mildew, Bacteria, Viruses
1.No Sprays or Air Fresheners
2.Chemical Free Operation
– Ionization – latest carbon brush head technology
– Active Ox (Adjustable Active Oxygen Generation)
1.Compact and Portable
2.Low Maintenance
3.Very Quiet Operation
4.Easy to Use

Product name: Refresh 2
Ozone output: 3 mg/h
Effective area: up to 50 sq. ft.
Rated voltage: DC 3.7V
Battery capacity: lithium battery 1200 mAh
Charging parameter: DC5V 2A Micro USB
Operating current: 80 mA
Ways to install: magnetic/customer preference
Size: 3.5” x 3.5” x 1.25”
Weight: 3.8 oz
Warranty: 3 months

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